The Ladies Gaelic Football Association is delighted to launch the next phase of our Club Development Initiative, The Club2Gether Programme.

Applications are now open but please note that only 16 clubs will be accepted for this phase.

What is Club2Gether?

Club2Gether is an exciting LGFA club development initiative aimed at strengthening club structures.

This initiative focuses on developing areas such as volunteer recruitment and retention, governance & officer training, sponsorship and fundraising, games development, as well as planning for the future to ensure sustainable structures are in place going forward.

What are the aims of the Club2Gether Programme?

To support a Club in developing structures from playing to administration level
To assist struggling or developing clubs to build solid foundations for the future
To provide high-quality role-specific training for administrators and coaches in clubs
To increase recruitment and retention rates of volunteers and players.
What are the benefits of running Club2Gether in your Club?

FREE training will be provided to your officers and coaches in your Club
Resources will be provided to your Club to assist with building sustainable structures
Clubs will complete the programme with a basic 2-year plan in place
Increase in retention rates of volunteers in your club
There is the potential for your club to become a more vibrant, active part of the local community.
What clubs may apply for the programme?

A Struggling Club – an already registered LGFA Club which is struggling and can show evidence that it wants to improve its structures.


An Established Club – an already registered LGFA Club aiming to improve its structures and can show evidence of this.


A New club – potential for a new LGFA club to form. Clear evidence must be provided to show that potential for a new club exists and appropriate structures can be put in place.

What does the Club2Gether programme entail for your Club if your application is successful?

All officers of the club committee must be willing to commit to attend the five training dates provided
All clubs must attend the four National training dates and the provincial training date and this training is only provided to successful clubs
The club must be open to improving its structures and welcoming all new members
The programme involves 5 training days covering various topics that will assist the club to improve and strengthen its structures. Please see details on topics below.
There will be a number of basic tasks to be completed by the club between sessions
The club must monitor its progress through completion of a logbook
The programme is free but commitment is essential

The Next Steps:

Step 1:
Complete the application form and forward by post or email to Niall Mulrine before Friday 29thJune 2018 (See application form for contact details).
Club2Gether 2018 Application

Step 2:
The National Development Team will contact all applicants via e-mail to announce the 16 successful clubs before 18th August 2018.

Step 3:
All club committee members must attend training dates below.

Step 4:
All clubs must commit to work on improving their club structures.
What are the dates the club must attend and what are topics covered?

Day 1 – 22nd September 2018
Venue – Croke Park
Volunteer Recruitment Structures
Matching the Roles

Day 2 – 3rd November 2018
Venue – Croke Park
Review of day 1
Volunteer retention and reward
Good Governance
Sponsorship and Fundraising

Club Officer Training Day – 9th February 2019
Venue – Croke Park
Club officer Training
Accessing Funding

Day 3 – 2 Evenings between 25th February & 8th March 2019
Venue – Provincial
Review of Day 2
Games Development
Planning for the Future

Day 4 – 22nd June 2019
Venue – Croke Park
Review of Planning/ involvement in programme
Presentation Evening

For further information, contact Niall Mulrine: