We are delighted to announce we are linking up with The Mater Foundation to help raise money for our frontline staff.

Show your support make a purchase today.

The have selected 2 High rise hoodies to sell through their club shop and all proceeds from sales go back to the Foundation .

If you can like and share this link be very helpful to try raise much needed funds .

All hoodies come with The Mater Foundation logo
and “I’m helping frontline staff in the fight against Covid-19” opposite.

The shop will Stay open until the 30th April

You are helping to provide medical equipment such as ultrasound machines for detecting Covid-19, and bronchoscopy stacks needed for cancer surgery.
The Mater Hospital is the national centre for adult emergency respiratory life support (ECMO) in Ireland, as well as the home of the national Heart and Lung Transplant Unit, the Family Heart Screening Clinic and a centre for cancer care.
Our brave staff are battling against the impact of Covid-19, while still providing essential care to other critically ill patients.